No Regrets?

When I first decided to major in Art in college I got a lot of advice about how impractical that idea was. A degree in Fine Art is a pretty piece of paper with no Economic Value simply because there are no jobs that require that degree.  And if you want to sell your Art a degree won’t help much unless your work is good and you put effort into showing and selling. One of my first instructors pointed out that an artist must be a self-starter, because no one is going to “make” you get up at dawn and drive out to the country to do some plein air painting, You have to motivate yourself…

Well, I knew I wasn’t likely to push myself like that and yet, I went ahead and got my degree anyway, and it only took fourteen years!  But do I regret it?  After all this time I still think the degree itself is Practically Useless, however the experience of attending drawing and painting classes was great, and the people I met were pretty cool.  The regret I feel is not about the time getting the degree, it’s more the time it has taken me to get to the point where I’m willing to really make an effort to put myself into the “Art Market”, rather than waiting to be discovered lol.

So here I am writing a blog and hoping to raise Public Awareness of my Art and Myself!

Wish me luck!

acrylic painting ocean beach shore seascape
Day’s Ending……… $250-

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