GOYA: Get Off Your Ass!

Do you find yourself reading about what other people are doing?

Do you spend time reading about how to succeed, how to meet girls, how to make money?

Do you spend Time like it will never run out?

I have spent precious Time that way. But now I know from experience that if I keep doing what I’ve been doing, I’ll keep getting what I’ve been getting. Which is not much.

So now I spend more and more Time Doing, rather than reading about Doing, or thinking about Doing, or planning on Doing.

Since Doing equals Action, and Action requires Movement, I need to get Up off my ass and move!

Hence my Acronym GOYA: Get Off Your Ass!

Goya was and is one of the most important Spanish artists of all time. So it seems appropriate to use his name to motivate myself. I’m sure he would approve.

And here is what I did this morning..

Sunset Point        18x24         $150
Sunset Point 18×24 $150

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