Abstract vs Non-Objective

What’s the difference between abstract art and non-objective art?

abstract painting

Strictly speaking, an abstract work of art is one in which the artist takes an image and distorts or reduces it to essentials. Of course the decision about what to emphasize and what to eliminate is a subjective one, based on the artist’s goal or intentions. The point is to express or demonstrate something essential about the subject.

Non-Objective painting is primarily concerned with the formal aspects of painting, that is to say, the colors, texture, contrast, movement or balance in the image independent of any reference to the everyday world of our normal experience.

Although “Jetty” started out as a pure non-objective effort, it seemed to take on a more pictorial, descriptive aspect as I worked on it. The end result is an image that may be taken as either Abstract or Non-Objective depending on your point of view.

So, which do you think it is?

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