Wrestling With the Creative Spirit and (sometimes) Winning

Took the dogs for a walk on Fiesta Island this morning at 6:30 and it was a very brisk 54 degrees!

Low Tide      18x24             $150
Low Tide 18×24 $150

Afterwards a big breakfast and lots of hot coffee. And then a few hours painting in the studio. Sounds idyllic doesn’t it? It often feels like I’m living in a dream world, but when I’m struggling with a painting that doesn’t want to be co-operative it can feel more like a nightmare. Creating something new and exciting is actually a lot of hard work and can be very frustrating at times. The image or idea in my head doesn’t just sit there quietly while I copy it, the damn thing usually changes and re-arranges itself many times. Like it’s tormenting me. I dare you to catch me!

So I quit working on the one image and took a long nap, when I got up I started a brand new painting and it flowed out of me like a river and in no time I had a reasonably acceptable painting, OK it was actually a very nice one. The two experiences could hardly be any more different from each other. but they are both part and parcel of the process, or lifestyle, whatever it is, that I go through every day.

I’ll be posting both of those images so I can illustrate what I mean.

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