No more candy! Ever!

Halloween is one of the most sugar-filled days of the year. Glad it’s over!

Back to eating healthy and staying fit.

I have quite a few new paintings to post, so I’ll start with one and a word or two about it.

Orange Squeeze
Orange Squeeze

After a long dry spell I decided to grab a new canvas and simply start painting. This is a completely spontaneous, unplanned active painting that emerges from intuition and the internal “library” of images that are stored somewhere deep in my brain.

Rather than worry about whether this painting is “good enough” to post, I am going ahead because to dither around waiting for perfection or inspiration will just put me back in limbo.

Better to put this out there, good, bad, or indifferent, than to continue procrastinating!

My version of Audacity!

Jim Noel
Nov 1, 2014

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