Playful Purple Clouds Above a Windy Beach

acrylic painting Pacific Beach ocean waves seascape
PB Point……..$250

This is the first in a new series of paintings of the coastline of California.  The inspiration for beach art is that I know the beach,

having lived near it for years. I also like looking at paintings of surf, especially of crashing waves. So I paint what I know and what I like to look at!

This particular painting is called PB Point and is a fantasy view of the point as it might have looked before it was developed.


In addition to painting surf and waves, I am also fascinated by clouds and the ever changing colors and mood of the sky.

And lastly, the reflections in wet sand, which ties it all together and echoes it back to the observer.

So a better title for this painting might be: “Wet Sand Reflecting PB Point and the Clouds Above”.


I paint in acrylics because they dry quickly, allowing me to rework areas of the painting I’m not happy with much sooner than with oil.

I like to work fast and loose at the beginning of a painting, just getting the canvas covered with general shapes and the color scheme.

When the composition feels right I start fine tuning the tonalities  building contrast in terms of dark and light, as well as warm and cool.


A major component of my work concerns the notion of an animating spirit, by which I mean I try to express a feeling about the joy

of being alive in Nature, within the formal aspects of the overall artistic expression. This painting in particular evokes in me a strong sense of play

and childlike innocence, mostly because of the way the clouds are rendered.  The over all atmosphere feels carefree and unforced.

I strive to infuse all my work this non-striving essence. Is that a contradiction?

Sometimes life is like that!


Jim Noel

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